Yes. The foam lining is improved; tidier and secure. Subsequently, both kits come in same size suitcase (the smaller, 24" case). Each kit has 3 external brackets to receive z-rods for snare, cymbal, whatever.
So far, black, red, orange, yellow, green, and gold. I get a price discount for accepting whatever colors are at hand from my luggage guy. In turn, HIT KIT customers share in the savings by accepting whatever color I have in-stock to send. Love the one you’re with.
$400 for a complete drum kit; kick, snare/tom, hi-hat, squat, AND sticks. The whole thing fits on a motorcycle or a public bus. You can store it under your bed or in the trunk of your car. It rolls like a jolly-dolly. And when you are behind it, you will look like $500.